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Report on Adirondack gathering

Ha! I don't know whether to be offended or agreeable yellowcanoe! (might be nice not being the only one).
Part of the reason I didn't go is that the event was shaping up to be a guys gathering. Gentlemens gathering for sure but it's weird being the odd one out
I'd love to see a gathering where maybe some wives or girlfriends can come
Last year my wife had every intention of attending with no qualms. This year she was unsure because of family stuff. Next year who knows? But neither of us doubt she'd be well received and respected. It was nice to see a new friendly feminine face in the photos. Besides, we all have one thing in common, canoe tripping. That and all being Maple Leaf fans. We are all Maple Leaf fans right?
Uh... no? I get tired of having to rake them out of my yard every fall!
Where's the LOL emoji?
It's not about the respect etc I know that's not an issue. I've crashed Robins camp in the past.
It's just nice to have a mix and maybe a venue where non paddling wives would come would be nice. Or paddling wives of course
Kind of like the Ozark Rendezvous. Base camping and paddling trips each day
I tried to get Mrs. Riverstrider to come along with our Fly-Catching Canoe Hound, Trixie, but cold rainy weather doesn't agree with her when her only accommodation is a tent. I'm still working on her, though. Maybe I'll buy her a wicked warm sleeping bag and a canvas wall tent with steel sheet wood stove for Christmas. I swear it will be for her.

Just a question for future get togethers ... coming from Canada to the States, does anyone know what sort of hassles a canoe and gear could cause at the border .. I know rules are different in the states than they are in Canada.

Can a canoe even be brought in an used without being registered?

Registration is not required in any New England state or NY or NJ. Registration is a State not a Federal function

Many of us make multiple border crossings each year with canoe. I did six this summer

If your canoe is new you may get queried if you are bringing it in for resale
I've brought 4 New Canadian South in the past 3 years that weren't on the car when I went North with no problems.
Going North the issue with new is the tax man. There is no duty on canoes built in N America as long as NAFTA holds. Going south with new we have been asked once (2007) where the canoe was made and the CBP agent came out to look at the label with the place of manufacture.. That is since 1989. In 1989 we did have an issue( pre NAFTA) where duty was due with a new boat. As the paperwork was more hassle than the duty due ( it exceeded the exemption by 80 bucks) we were waved through.

Going north with boats I have always been asked if I am leaving them or anything in Canada.. the tax man beckons.. I have sold three cross border. Just be honest.

And your boat is used.. so it won't even be noticed.. as long as you don't say you are going to Atlantic City to gamble.. the story has to fit the stuff.
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It was great meeting the folks I did. Thursdays wind absolutely kicked my tail, and I had put in an extra couple miles going to and past site 12 to find no one, then back up to 10 where Robin and I spent the night and he told me bcelect had done the smart thing and stopped for the night at 6. I met a few others going on as I headed out Saturday, ahead of Sunday's big wind. Glad I did. If Conk thought it was exhilarating, I'd have thought it terrifying!

Couple of my pics.


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