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      I have a couple of these. The big ones (Klymit Static V insulated, Thermarest insulated, and thermarest normal neoair) all require...
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      After years of thinking through this, I've pretty much got my solo gear dialed in to what I actually need and use, no more, no less. On...
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      Seeker replied to the thread Gators and kids.
      When I first moved to LA in 2002, I was terrified of the gators, water mocs, coyotes, feral dogs, and hogs, but refused to stay inside...
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      Seeker reacted to ppine's post in the thread Pillows with Like Like.
      Comfort matters as we age. Small compressible pillow. For truck camping 2 pillows from home.
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      Seeker reacted to kahel's post in the thread Pillows with Like Like.
      Since I have some neck vertebrae stiffened with titanium ... I also have a pillow with me. It was a normal down pillow, the kind you...
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      Seeker reacted to Mason's post in the thread Pillows with Like Like.
      I use clothes in a large stuff sack, whatever is not on my body. However, I usually take a down jacket (light weight on short summer...
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      Seeker reacted to Patrick Corry's post in the thread Pillows with Like Like.
      In a related vein... how do you keep your pillow in place through the night? I slide a t shirt over the top of my sleeping pad, then...
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      Seeker replied to the thread Pillows.
      I used to be able to sleep anywhere, anyhow, with a pack or helmet for a pillow... no more. I'm well past the age where I can go to bed...
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      Most beautiful I've seen is probably the entire portage between Turtle Pond and Clamshell Pond in the St Regis Canoe Wilderness... from...
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      Seeker replied to the thread Favourite fish recipe.
      I don't catch or eat a lot of fish, but one of my favorite ways to cook a trout is in foil. You need a trout, a lemon, an onion, an...
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      Seeker reacted to Glenn MacGrady's post in the thread Favourite fish recipe with Haha Haha.
      How much proof do you want?
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      I'm down to two canoes... a Robin-refurbished Chestnut Pal and a Hemlock Nessmuk II. (I sold my OT Yankee to a cousin, but can still...
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      Seeker replied to the thread What's your best dehydrated meal?.
      I was a big fan of HawkVittles dehydrated meals for a long time, when Hawk had the company, but no longer buy them. New owner has...
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      Most of my trips are in a 22lb ultralight pack canoe that sits very lightly on my shoulders/packstraps when the dis-assembled double...
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      Seeker replied to the thread Canoes and guns....
      When I lived in LA (16 years total), I never went out without a firearm. I could hunt something year round, though the heat of summer...
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