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      Delaware River, on a scout trip, around 1977 or so, somewhere in that stretch from Hancock down to Port Jervis. Pretty sure it was 3...
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      Seeker replied to the thread What is your local day paddle?.
      I live between Baltimore and Philly, and it takes longer to get the canoe on the car than it does to get it from the driveway into the...
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    • Seeker
      I set up each of my daughters with a full tool chest for home repair when they left. In my youngest's case, she's the woodswoman, and...
    • Seeker
      Normally almost the same stuff I take on a day hike... small backpack, poncho, lunch, junk bag (compass, headlamp, TP, first aid kit...
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      Seeker replied to the thread Gear storage and trip packing.
      Kind of an organized mess... The first shot is full length down the basement of my townhouse, used primarily for box storage and an...
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    • Seeker
      Seeker replied to the thread Camp/Foxworx Paddles.
      Sad to hear about FoxWorx... I have one of their doubles for my Nessmuk II, and love it... that said, I hope not to need another, ever.
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