looks like a good site

Feb 25, 2013
Litchfield County, CT
Hi, I'm matt from Ct.. daggermat on p-net and mattm on npmb.com. Just found this site as Shiraz posted a pic Robin took of me poling in '07 on facebook, and a couple clicks later, well here i am..
Local rivers are the farmington and Shepaug, still paddle whitewater when things are "epic", but my knees definitely prefer poling and sitting these days. Looking forward to meeting up with some new faces, and seeing some of the old ones again. Not much of a tripper, but camp and hike a lot...and having a canoe carry my crap instead of my back may be just what the Dr. ordered :)
Jun 12, 2012
Appleton, Maine
Hi Matt, Good seeing you over here, lotta nice folks here.

I would say "canoetripping" is anything from an afternoon on your local lake or river, an overnighter two hours from home or 3 weeks up north, each one is a trip and what this site is all about.

I can't cross that bridge over the Farmington in Riverton without thinking of you and your son way back when.
Good Times.