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Greeting from Ontario

Dec 3, 2023
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Ontario, Canada
I don't have any winter hobbies or actives that I enjoy and you all know how long our winters are! So I just finishing building a little heated woodworking shop and I'm planning to start my first strip canoe build soon. So ill definitely have some question for you all. The canoe I've decided to start with is called " The Laker" which is a 16' multi purpose canoe, and I'm going to be using full strips of western red cedar. Not to sure if I'm going with stems yet or not.
Its nice to meet everyone.
Welcome to the campfire. I suspect that you'll soon (hopefully) have a winter hobby. In my experience, it's a great project, it's really cool to paddle something that you built yourself and you'll wonder if another hull shape might be better... What better way to find out than building one each winter? :)

Looking forward to watching your build thread. As you know, there are quite a few here who can lend assistance.