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Big shout out to Memaquay

Jan 7, 2016
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Today I received in the mail a most wonderful gift. It is a a vintage Woods Pack, with the leather axe pocket on the left side. I have for years lusted after one of these packs, now I am the recipient of one from our friend and co-member of the forum, Memaquay.
Just wanted to publicly give him a shout out and officially nominate him to the post of


If there is such a title, if not then at least in my mind there should be.
I cannot thank him enough for this kind and generous deed. I have gained a world of knowledge from his posts over the years, as have many of the other member here. Not to mention what he has done for the students at his school in Geraldton, Ontario.
Many thousands of Thanks are not enough,
Nice job Memaquay, your a very generous guy. I use my Woods Pack you sent me with my wall tent/wood stove outfit every trip, and those maps you sent me of the Marshall Lake circuit led me to a wonderful memory filled 10 day trip in some wild country.
That meal around your dining room table you and your wonderful wife Irene prepared for Christine, Karin, Miranda, Brad and myself will always be one of the highlights of my canoe related events. And that post trip backyard fire pit gathering holds a close second.