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Steel River loop- Cheating the Devil

Never again apologize for posting "too many photos" Gamma. They are all appreciated. As for trying to capture the severity of the paddling conditions, we all can agree that 2 dimensional screen shots can never do justice to the real 3 dimensional experience. It's always a "you had to be there" thing. I myself am usually lost looking for the perfect artsy angle with camera in hand rather than just taking the freakin pictures man. Besides, "ordinary views" of campsite, portage, and shorelines is what people really want to see (me included) to get the feel of the trip. And yes remember. I'm sure you have a lot of those. Too bad about the GoPro. Hopefully some helpful soul will track it down and save it for you. That would make a nice postscript to this story, some day. I never knew there was a side door to the lakes on this route, thereby cheating Diablo. That was interesting. Those lakes look beautiful, making that side door all the more tempting.
Glad you made it thru safe and sound with tales to tell. Thanks for sharing this one.
Thanks Odyssey. I'm not at all worried about the GoPro. Maybe the new owner will put it to better use as I doubt I'll even take them on the next trip (I carried 2 GoPros & a large, zoom-capable video camera besides my phone and the 2 Nikons). I never get around to editing the video and, frankly, constantly talking to the GoPro seems to intrude upon the solitude and serenity of the trip.

I didn't carry the Diablo port but I can't believe it was better than Pike lake & Little Diablo... Do the loop and sneak in the back way.

I DO need to take an extra half-second to allow the autofocus to work and pay more attention to keeping the lens clean. That will be a good goal for the spring trip. Now I've just got to pick a destination...
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