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Anyone that can share a opinion on this object?

May 28, 2023
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(first post so I hope I am in correct fora)
I found this boat but I am concerned it is a lot of work to get it in the water.
Sanding/papering and finnish I am good with but the wood-work is the question.
It has never been in water, what is your "expert" opinions/guesses?
Is it a descent object to try to get seaborn as a beginner?

Any advice appreciated. I am reasonably skilled in wood working but boats are a new area for me..
I have no clue about the age and the travle to pick it up is significant so I need support in judging the pictures..
Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the campfire Turbo, pull up a stump. Where are you located? There might be a member near by that could help in person.
To me it looks like an old Rob Roy canoe from England. For something that has not been in the water it looks pretty weathered.
I’m not much help with advice just yet but I am a boat-aholic so if it was near me I’d be going to look at it.
Hello and thanks for reply,
I am from the south-east of sweden and the boat is quite close.
Seems that the guy like som 250£ for it and he has no insight in the boat at all, the builder never really got it completed and os no longer with us, so my quest would be to complete it.
I wonder if the seller can find the plans if he knew the builder. That would help a lot. Generally form the pics it doesn’t look like he did a poor job building, but the finish is gone.
Hello and thanks.
The builder isno longer with us hence the boat was not fompleted. I will ask if there are any plans, the seller knows nothing about botse but perhaps has plans.
Is your view that the deck is mostly finnish or are wood work needed?
Also got this pic - are the red marked sections to worry about?
Also I think the oar mounings are visible but not sure -
Itäs the marked deck parts taht worries me a bit.. or can it be varnish raising?
Welcome to the camp site Turbo100. Interesting boat, what are the dimensions? I googled the internet for information on the Rob Roy boat that Jim suggested that it might be. Read a few pages of John MacGregor’s book on line. Should be an interesting project, I would encourage you to take it on. If it becomes more of an albatross, you can always fill it with dirt, to use a a large, interesting flower pot, I have seen lots of old canoes used in this way. But, imagine sailing or paddling it in some island studded lake or bay as the sun slowly sinks into the northern horizon.
Please keep us posted.
I have visited Sweden many times, have enjoyed it and the people I have met very much. Especially liked the mountain country to the northwest where my maternal Great grand parents came from.
…….Boreal Birchy
It could pass for a duck boat in Marshy regions. I don’t see anything that would frighten me or make me shy about completing this project. Then become familiar with it’s attributes and enjoy it.
It's a pretty little boat and looks like a seaworthy design. If it's close, a trip to take a look would be worthwhile. New construction is a plus, but it does appear to have been left out in the weather. Poke around in suspicious areas with a knife or an awl to check for rot.

You can find helpful advice from an international community of boat nuts on the WoodenBoat forum. You will need a free subscription to post pictures. http://forum.woodenboat.com/index.php