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What do you use for a table?

I have an assortment of aluminum slat roll-top tables but after seeing someone else using it, this is what I bring on most trips these days: ALPS sidekick. It is a small stool/table that is much quicker to set up and take down than the roll-top tables. Besides making a good side table for holding a bowl of food and a drink it also works as a footstool for relaxing with feet up and a night stand when car camping with my roll-a-cot. The Alps table gets thrown on top of other gear in the canoe and can be set up almost instantly along with my Lafuma maxi-pop-up butterfly chair, even for just a lunch stop. Most of my canoe camping is one or two nights on an easy creek/river or a paddle-in campsite on a lake, not extended trips or portages.
That’s not unlike the one I made and I like the use of the strap. I have some old straps the I wouldn’t use to secure a canoe anymore I’ll cut one down to an appropriate size.
Thanks for sharing that Kahel.
I've been in the flattish rock etc crowd for a while.

But last fall we happened to end up at the lean-to on Follensby Clear Pond (Adirondacks), which had a high table built into the outside wall. I was deeply appreciative of a level surface high enough to stand at while cooking.

I agree with Chip that portaging in clears the crowds so I've previously shied away from adding furniture to the kit. Many tables light enough to pack are so low that I don't think it justifies the weight. @kahel 's DIY table hung from tree seems a great idea, being infinitely height adjustable as long as there are trees. I'll have to try making one!