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The WCHA Has a New Board Member: Me

Glenn MacGrady

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Oct 24, 2012
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More specifically, I have been "elected" to a three-year term, from January 2023 through December 2025, as one of the nine Board of Directors, which manages the business and affairs of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association. I put "elected" in quotes because, ironically, no one actually voted for me. Only three candidates applied for the three open Director positions so, under the bylaws, those three applicants were appointed without the meaningless necessity and cost of a mail-in membership vote.

As long-timers here would suspect, I did not apply for this position based on my non-experience as a builder or restorer of wood canoes. A board directorship is a business position, and I felt that my corporate law and IBM management background, my lifetime participation in multiple aspects of canoeing countrywide, my ongoing daily relationships with the online canoe community via this website, plus the retirement time I now have available to further pursue my lifelong love of canoes and canoe history, could be helpful to the WCHA.

I suspect that several of our members here are currently, or have been, members of the WCHA. They can identify themselves if they wish.

As already posted in another thread, the annual WCHA Assembly will be back at Paul Smiths College this July, tentatively in conjunction with the USCA Freestyle Adirondack Symposium. I believe @Benson Gray is on the WCHA Assembly Planning Committee, so he would know more than I do at this point.

That’s great that you will be a new board member, your expertise will much appreciated. I was a member for quite a few years but dropped out a few years back.
Very nice. I am a newer member and I am looking forward to another symposium. I really enjoyed my first last year.

I was a member for years and let it lapse,but renewed last year and intend to keep it up. The magazine format is really nice these days. Congratulations on the Board position.
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I have been a member for over twenty years and served a stint on the board awhile back.
Congrats Glenn. I’m sure you will be an asset to the organization. I used to be a member but dropped out a few years back. Paul Smith’s is such a perfect site for the gathering I’m glad to see it back there.
Also read the news in the latest issue of Wooden Canoe journal. It takes a while to get to us Canadian members. I've been with the WCHA for many years now too.

I'm also part of the group helping with the Northern Lakes / Canada chapter of the WCHA. We've been trying to re-animate the group which had been pretty dormant. Had a pretty fruitful year with events and activities to draw in more folks. Here's our website:


Great to hear that you are part of the board now, Glenn. Hoping you can add your magic touch of rejuvenation just like you did with this site!
Congratulations… thank you for taking on the responsibilities and the knowledge you will bring sounds like a great fit.., I hope to meet you at the Symposium this July.