Seam sealer.

Jul 11, 2014
Ontario Canada
Going back thru old threads here I found that I last mentioned a dampish seam on my HH and threatened to fix it. Which I never did. Cripes, that was way back in 2014! I did loan that HH (with gear shed) out to a tripping daughter who reminded me of the dampish turned leaky seam. Twice. Or maybe more I don't remember. It may not be a coincidence that they bought themselves a new tent this year. So it seemed fitting that I finally get around to resealing that HH. (We use another tent we've grown fond of, a 4 season MEC Lightfield bought second hand. Merci Gerald.)
I checked my stock of seam sealers and found I only had 1 small tube. No surprise there. It was an old unused tube of Gear Aid Seam Grip (from Gerald's old tent, merci encore.) I managed to reseal 2/3rds of the tent fly before running out. No problem. I'll just go out and buy more. Shopping at my local Canadian Tire I found only another brand. That'll do I thought. No it didn't. Whereas the (years old) original Seam Grip was smelly rubbery stuff this new junk was odourless and sticky...and stayed sticky for days...and days...eventually I used nail polish remover (my wife's naturally), rags and swear words. The remover wasn't effective but the other two sure were. I will reseal those sections of seam and will be more careful choosing sealers.

Despite the eye watering price and smell of the 1 oz tubes I am not in the mood to DIY my own gunk.
Silicone & Mineral Spirits Mix as Seam Sealer
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