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Q&A with expedition canoeist Mike Ranta, who . . .

Glenn MacGrady

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Oct 24, 2012
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Mike is a great guy who has accomplished much and has done many selfless things for other people.

Two answers in his interview struck me as odd. His biggest pet peeve is his dog farting in the tent, later on he states that he feeds him beans. I'm not a canine gastroenterologist, but there might be a clue here.
Beans are what a few of us call dog kibble. It started in our home because our Border Collies are stock herders, much like the cattle drovers that moved herds North out of Texass to the railroad in Kansas. The drovers staples were bacon & Beans. My friend Steven an old trapper also asked his Finnish Spitz canine companion Pearl if she wanted “beans” for her meals. Pearl’s preference is voles or lemmings, that she captures herself.
When getting up in the morning while shuffling into the kitchen, I ask my dogs if they want some Coffee or “Covfefe” depending on my mood, for their morning fake bone treat, prior to me making my morning brew.