Jun 12, 2012
Appleton, Maine
In a recent article in the Northwoods Sporting Journal the author talked about Pete Kummerfeldt and his outdoor survival techniques. He has a long history of teaching survival in the military and his "ditch kit" is pretty small and puts the old emergency space blankets to rest. He uses a 4 mil orange 55 gallon D.O.T. trash bag and if you where to buy his book he would explain how to control condensation in it.

He tells a little story here http://outdoorsafe.com/read/2012/03/12/what-would-peter-do-3/ of a lost hunter out west and gives some good free advice.

His little store has some good items to build your own ditch kit here, or you can buy his. http://www.shop.outdoorsafe.com/

It's a nice website with plenty of free survival advise, worth a look.
Jul 25, 2012
Thanks Robin, I do like that orange bag much better than the black contractor's trash bag I now have. The next time I'm at REI I want to look at their "SOL Escape Bivy" it's a little expensive, but the way I try to think about that kind of thing is what would I pay at 2 am. and freezing.