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Nov 7, 2013
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south of Winnipeg
Paul Shipman, a local canoe tripping friend and enthusiastic chef has written an outdoor cookery book. His recipes are mostly "just add boiling water"; he uses a storm kettle for most of his canoe trips, multi-cultural and above all taste great. We were involved in some of the testing process and you'll find a picture of us in the book.


Paul's recipes are created by compiling pre-dehydrated or freeze-dried ingredients to create meals, fats are added during the rehydrating process. They are also adaptable for paddlers with dietary restrictions.
He also takes some time to describe the meal construction process and explains how some dried foods are water hungry, they have to be rehydrated separately or they will rob other ingredients of water.

We've been using his recipes this summer and have greatly enjoyed the variety of flavours he used.

Anyway, to get to the point of this post, Paul has given me a copy of his book to give away, I'll pay the shipping.

If you'd like to receive the book please post below and I'll draw a winner in a couple of weeks. If your not lucky please consider taking a look at feastonadventure.com and buying his book.