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2024 starting off with a "spam bang"

Glenn MacGrady

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Oct 24, 2012
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In the first six days of the new year, 69 attempted registrants have been rejected as potential spammers. (Four have been accepted as members.) The spam software trapped them all and put them in a moderation queue, but it's still tedious for me to manually press the rejection buttons. I've never seen such a massed concentration of attempts before.
What's worse is that my lovely Lenovo Thinkpad laptop crapped out on New Year's Eve and has been mailed away for repair, leaving me to use a Chromebook tablet, which I can't stand. The good news for our bandwidth is that I won't be writing much on this small and fiddly device.
I am such a sucker for your clickbait Glenn. I read your thread heading and thought Oh Wow! Glenn's shooting canned meat out of a cannon! Must be a McGrady New Years tradition?
But no. Oh well. sigh
Keep up the good work Glenn. And thanks.
I thought of Mem's Klik and it's fatty goodness and wondered were this was going.
Eight more spams so far today.

If you meatheads really want to see the technically subtle way I reject them:

My first thought was I only got a four- pack of spam for xmas...:rolleyes:
thanks for mowing the weeds for us Glenn...