Skin on frame canoe

Aug 5, 2011
Western NY between Buffalo and Rochester
Anyone build or use a skin on frame canoe?
I'm looking at Monfort's Snowflake 14 and Gentry's PH13.

I'm between canoes right now...sold off the fleet except for "the barge", 100 pound aluminum beast(which we did once portage 700m in Killarney PP)
Planning to build 2 cedar solos someday, but $ and space won't happen before summer.

These look like cheap and easy options for the up coming season.

Any experience?
Feb 26, 2013
Long island, ny

I built his arrow 14. The process was straight forward. It was my first SOF build. Came out to23lbs. Funny story for another time but it was very durable. I beat it with a ten pound hammer with no obvious signs ofdamage or leaks. I GROSSLY under estimated my total gear load out and it was useless to me. I live on long island in ny and nobody local showed any interest in giving me the $275 that I had invested so I beat it to death. In the end I used a utility knife on the fabric and the jigsaw. All that varnish burned great in my fire pit! (The wife said I couldn't get another until I got rid of one of my canoes:( )

I posted a slide show on YouTube about it on. Search for latremorej.
I will try to post a link (on my mobile)
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