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Show pictures of your tent(s) on a canoe trip

Love this tent! It’s a Outdoor Vitals Dominion 2.5 person. They’ve changed the design since I purchased this. Vestibule and door on both sides. 1 piece pole design. The height at both ends makes such a differenc!


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Al, you sure get around. I'll be lucky this summer to get as far as Jellico.
This is a very cool little tent, it was given to me. It's a single wall tent, I love single wall tents, not a big fan of screen all over the place. It's a little weird to set up, but a perfect, roomy size for one person.

This is at a secret fishing hole on the Steel river.
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I've been using freestanding tents more recently, but this was the super deluxe development of the tarp and bugnet shelters I preferred.
When I go with a buddy of mine we call it hobo camping. Figuring out how to rig the tarps up to build a makeshift shelter is always fun.

The yellow tarps are CCS and the camo tarp is a Warbonnet Superfly.

Weller Pond



Long Lake


Upper Saranac Lake

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