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New spray deck for the Kruger Seawind

Jan 18, 2015
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Chesapeake Bay
The original spray deck for my Kruger Seawind had finally seen the end times, having been used by the original owner, then chewed by mice, then used by me for a couple thousand miles. It was time to make a new one since there were a few modifications I wanted to make:

1. Heavier fabric for better abrasion resistance
2. A less glaring color than bright blue.
3. Something to keep breaking waves frimshooting those cold jets of water in at the bow gap and into my crotch.
4. Reverse the velcro facings on the tunnel tongue and tunnel so that the hooks would not ruin quite so many paddling shirts.

After lots of research and a very ling talk with a Sailrite rep at a local boat show (great company for advise and help) I decided on Stamoid Top 12.64 oz fabric. This is vinyl coated both sides so very water and UV proof and does not ravel along cut edges. I chose a desert tan to blend in a little more on my camping trips, and it matches closely the sunbrella I have used to make a bimini for the boat.

I used the old skirt for a pattern. LOTS of seam ripping to do that. I sewed it on a home machine with denim needles and it worked fine even on multiple layer stitches. 20EED4FB-6B80-4AE2-8880-E5CA541493E1.jpeg12FD071F-F01E-470B-91E1-F6BD183971A9.jpeg75AA490F-A35E-4613-AE4D-B45E3E41614A.jpeg