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New purchases that have been great, even game changers

New purchases that have been great, even game changers​

There have been many great purchases over the years, but the game changers for me were lightweight Kevlar canoes and lightweight carbon bent shaft paddles. Ease of handling and efficiency took canoeing to another level.

Not necessarily canoe tripping related, but another game changer was the discovery of solo sport canoes and "functional freestyle" paddling. I owned a solo whitewater canoe and a fast solo cruising canoe and really enjoyed what they had to offer, but the sport canoes are just plain fun to paddle. And now with carbon fiber in the mix the weight is down to 23 lbs.; I'm going to be able to keep paddling for many more years and that's great. :)
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I’d have to say the Backsaver backrest. After suffering back fractures when hit by a car a year ago, I was uncertain whether I could sit for a long period without support. I’ve now paddled 3 times with the backrest and those fears are alleviated. I’m still tinkering with the height of the backrest and the padding, but it’s clear it helps support the lumbar area better that the crazy creek style seat.

I’d also have to say the Solo Stove was a game changer. I am rid of the heavy white gas bottles I used to haul around, ration, run out of. Being able to use readily available fuel in the forest is a total new game.