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Maine somewhere.

FYI not sure which way you’ll travel. Route 6/15 between Jackman and Rockwood is closed due to heavy rain washing out a section of road causing a 143 mile detour.
No portages! Even helping each other to the carry. Jim, im using that map but look at trip report about the jo Mary’s. An AMC map is posted on the trip report.
Have fun fellas.

The last time I tried to get into Jo Mary we were windbound and stormbound for a few days. Never did get in there. Hunkered down on a nice island site in Pemadumcook. Look for a very elaborate granite fireplace. Needed to do something with all of our free time.
Have fun fellas.

The last time I tried to get into Jo Mary we were windbound and stormbound for a few days. Never did get in there. Hunkered down on a nice island site in Pemadumcook. Look for a very elaborate granite fireplace. Needed to do something with all of our free time.

Was it here, by any chance? I checked out this island site before taking a nearby one on a smaller island. This fireplace survived a big blowdown but it could use some clearing, more than I could do with hand tools.

We arrived at that put in for Turkey Trail Lake to a strong wind on shore. We knew the first campsite was a long paddle into the wind on Middle Jo Mary so we opted for another location.
We found a nice drive in campsite at Second Roach Pond, where we where able to set up a quick campsite during an ever increasing rain event. We spent 4 days there, the weather slowly clearing where we enjoyed some great paddling and good times around the campfire.
A very relaxing trip with a good friend.

Great pictures. Beautiful wood canoes! Given the rain up there the water levels must be good.

Thanks. We had a ton of rain the first day/night, and yes the water levels are high.
It looks like you had a great time. Did you guys wash and wax your Chestnuts out there, or does it just look that way? Nice boats!
Yes, a great time. Haha, those canoes are in good shape, plus you gotta love Interlux and Epifanes paints.
I’m sitting on the ferry crossing over the Long Island Sound after a long drive in some pouring rain looking at Robin’s pictures just reading.
It was a great trip that I waited over a year to go on and it was wonderful. As Robin drove my head was turning sideways just looking all around at the beauty of Maine north woods.
Not only is Robin a great canoe tripper but he also knows how to slice and dice some veggies and stirred up some delicious venison. I’ll write up a TR in a few days. Here are some pics.


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Great looking photos. Must pale in comparison to what it looks like in person. Glad you both had a safe & successful adventure. Maybe one day I'll be able to join in as I've only ever explored the Maine coastal areas. Would love to paddle inland.

That's all for now. Take care and until next time...be well.

I'm jealous of all that water and of folks who can paddle their wood/canvas canoes. The water levels in Connecticut are the lowest I recall in 30 years.

Coldfeet, none of the guys in those photos looks exactly like your avatar. Of course, neither do I.
BIG thank you to Mr and Mrs Robin for putting me up for the night and a delicious dinner with a surprise spicy sausage thrown in with the meatballs and spaghetti.
Plus a BIG thank you to Mr and Mrs Boatman53 (Jim) for putting me up also for the evening.
I had real lobster and clam chowda! No fake stuff and can soup like last year.
Plus Moose and Quincy were fun guys to play around with.

I find the companionship of others to be the spark of the trip. Yes there are beautiful places to paddle all over but for me it’s the relationship with others that makes it memorable. Thank you Robin and Jim. Keep on tripping!
Man, thought I’d make it into the “Star” magazine after seeing a UFO in Maine’s North Woods. Sadly it was Elon Musk Starlink.
But I did see cool glowing insects by the water. Thought we would name it “Rob-vid”. Found out it was firefly larvae. Just a few extra fun things on the trip. Pic of the Starlink. Which I have no idea what it does.


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When going through my files, I came across some of my old canoe journals and these articles. I thought they might be of interest.


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