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Maine somewhere.

I’d go but we have 3 dogs. They’re like big children, demand attention, want to be involved with everything, Hard to travel with, why we have a cabin now. Sound like a great adventure. Always wanted to go to Maine.
Looking like the Jo Mary’s around August 17/18 for a few days. Will keep in touch as it gets closer. Please feel free to chime in with experience in those areas. Thanks
Almost a week away and it’s looking like the Jo Mary’s. Feel free to join if your around. Will keep you updated in the next few days. Heard rainy and cool temps. A blessing compared to the heat and humidity that has blanketed the area.
Thought I’d make it but jobs are getting in the way. Hopefully I‘ll get sometime to get in a North Maine Woods trip in September.
Have a great trip!
Thanks YC, I’ll suggest it to Robin.
Bob, enjoy family time.
Ruttrowe, in a few years I will be able to go in September. Enjoy
I just spent 4 days at Deboullie Public Lands in northern Maine North Woods, no bugs, and high water.

Since it seems like it will be only Coldfeet and me, we will probably be a little flexable as to where to put in and camp, hopefully, we make it up to Lower Jo Mary. (both of us being Long Island boys, the name will no doubt be changed to Jo Momma) (yo, you gotta problum wit dat) HaHa, it will be a fun trip I'm sure.
Thanks Coldfeet. I need to finish putting my malicite back together and finalize the great for the BWCA. I leave for that trip on the 30th. Also my wife manages an art gallery that has an opening on the 19th and my assistance I usually needed in some fashion. Any idea where the camp will be in relation to the put in? Maybe I could do an overnight or two night max. Still a moving target.
Hi Jim,
It would be great if you could make it. Hard to say where we might camp as we have never been there and there are so many variables, wind, time we put in, etc. I do have a SPOT X and could send you a text when we get settled with our location and plans, and you could let us know your plans then also. Talk soon.
I’m sure we will be in touch before departure. I’m trying to work on the canoe and tomorrow is Wednesday already. Today was our 25 anniversary so I got that checked off. Last year we both forgot about it till three days past when I remembered.
Did she really forget it or mentioned it in your sleep 2 days later? The penalty for that is a double present.
We will certainly talk to you the day before. I’ll call. I’ll also leave some bagel crumbs in the water for a trail! Dr #1 done today. Next Dr on Monday and away I go!
Actually two years ago she forgot, last year we both forgot till I remembered three days later. Clearly we are secure enough that these minor things are no big deal. But I digress.
Any idea where to get a map of the area besides the Gazetteer? I’ll check the Maine Outdoor Sports store tomorrow.
I’m told they are not planning any portages. I’m willing to share my canoe so we are not all paddling solo but I might not be able to stay as long as everyone else is.