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Giving away gear to family or others?

Apr 18, 2020
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TC, Michigan
I used to work at a gear store (10 yrs one in Columbus and one in northern MI), mom and pop style rei, and that was a ton of fun! Sales reps would come give clinics on the brand/s they worked for or give paddle days on the water. During those clinics we would often get swag, and beer. I typically drank the beer, kept a few things and gave out the rest. Usually fleece, tents, shoes, beanies, and many memorabilia items you find overpriced on eBay.

I periodically go through my stuff and tell myself that I don’t need all of this, and give items to friends I know could use it or my brother, who is getting back into camping with his new family. I also donate a lot, and I really hope that people who can use something I found joy or warmth with are getting a great deal instead of a young go hard who can afford new. Although, a cycle is a cycle.

I’m currently down to a solid setup for all my passions in all seasons. But, I still acquire more stuff, and find myself in conversation with someone saying “yeah! Ill let you have or borrow my xxxx” and as my brain gets worse and worse, from many herbs and medical treatments, I tend to “forget” items I have scattered throughout the friends circle. And MAYBE one day I’ll make my wife super happy and clear out the corner in the shed that has 30 years of snowboards.
Jul 31, 2011
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Aberdeen, MD
I set up each of my daughters with a full tool chest for home repair when they left. In my youngest's case, she's the woodswoman, and while she's back with us again for awhile, I made sure she had one of everything for her own camping trips. Most of it was older versions of common gear that I no longer used when I found a better replacement:

Thermarest self-inflating pad
An old no-name aluminum boiler/coffee pot
MSR Simmerlite stove
One of my old SuperCat alcohol stoves
A cozy and KoolAid jar of her own
Lexan spoons, cups, and water bottles
Survival kit (a project we worked on together, based on Cody Lundin's book)

She has her own pack and sleeping bag, and is working on a tent.