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DIY windscreen/heat reflector for small fire



Back from a long trip and I have a bunch of gear upgrades and tweaks I want to make as always.

I am interested in perfecting the fire-in-a-can, especially to use as a personal heater, for when I return to camp from a cold windy walk and want a bit of mid-day warmth and firery cheer.


A flick of a Bic and it will blaze up in 60 seconds, and I can put it out just as fast with the lid in place.


I need to re-fill that one a bit, and make some small chunks of feeder wax to help support it when it is left to burn for longer periods of time. But mostly it needs a DIY windscreen/heat reflector.

I’ve never built or used a stove wind screen or a heat reflector. I’d like the screen/reflector or the fire-in-a-can to be semi-circular, something like 10” tall and 15” diameter in the half circle.

Suggestions for the material to use? It will be flame-licked and blackened for certain. Something that could be rolled or folded compactly.

How to anchor it so it doesn’t blow away? Maybe short stakes in the ground on either side of the semi-circle?



I use this for a windscreen when using a campstove. Ir t could work for your "canfire".

I like the idea of being able to fold it nearly flat with the sooty candle facing surfaces inside.

$20 seems a bit pricey, but my metal shop skills are limited when it comes to reproducing that design. It seems like something Coghlans or Campmor would carry for $9.95 but I didn’t see such.

Shop play day today, working on some of the upgrades from my trip list.

The Penobscot needs ¾” minicel heel pads cut and glued in place. I need to seam seal the parawing, and custom carve a flat minicel platform for one of the squat blue barrels.

Those barrels rest securely stacked atop one another to provide a 19” high work surface, and the lid nearly fits the folding base platform of the JetBoil. The lids are slightly concave, and I’d rather have a flat surface for the stove, maybe with some notches cut out to help secure the JetBoil base.

Seems like a job for a minicel circle or two.