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Bulkhead ballast decision.

Rather than break up the bulkhead, I suggest you consider adding a concrete skid plate on the bow. Concrete is a versatile material. There’s an annual concrete canoe race held among college engineering teams. Your concrete skid plates will add ballast and hull protection at the same time, while leaving the floatation chambers intact for safety.
I'm going to be completely honest and blunt here but that's about the dumbest thing I've ever heard. :)

I always carry an empty dry bag when I think I might want some ballast and it's a simple matter to fill it with water, roll the top shut, and place it where needed.

Oh, I just realized what day it is. :rolleyes: Never mind.

I'll admit that my first thought was along the same lines as Alan's: "WTH... WHY!?..."

Then my desire to be helpful kicked in and I was thinking that wheel weights are coated so toxicity is moot and used ones are cheap...

Finally, I realized what day it was. Well done.