The Slave River Paddlefest



This is a wonderful event full of wonderful people...
Put on by the Ft. Smith kayak club.
It mostly draws kayakers because the rapids of the Slave River are perhaps the greatest whitewater playground on the planet. For some idea of what's there, here's a link to a googlemaps map with named waves and channels highlighted. You can spot individual waves higher than you can make out duplexes in the nearby town.
The event needs more canoes though. Both to fill out the canoe races and so we can start exploring and clearing the portages of the historic route through the rapids. A canoe race from Ft. Fitzgerald to Ft. Smith would be the goal of that.
And just to show them that canoeists aren't afraid of big water.
It's an amazing place with a spectacular river and paddling from flat water up to class VI savagery.

Friendly people, family camping, easy access to the river.
A sweet time.

Let's go!