Tasty Freeze Dried Food in bulk????

Jul 25, 2012
I really like the mountain house offerings, for me the two person size is dandy. I don't much like to cook and the idea of fiddling about with ingredients when I'm hunger makes me cranky just thinking about it. But then there is the problem of what to do with the leftover bags. So, I thought I'd just buy the stuff in bulk and transfer it to my plastic storage containers.
The mountain house people offer their products in #10 cans, but it's much more expensive than the smaller plastic pouches! (?) (!!!) 54% more!
Does anyone know of a source of good tasting freeze dried camping foods where they sell it in bulk in about 2-3 pound batches?

I did try dehydrating some ground beef in the oven; I was amazed! I was able to take some really good looking ground beef and reduce it into something no one would recognize as food. Through out the process the dogs cruised the kitchen sniffing and looking hopeful. At the end of the process no dog would touch the gritty stuff that was left. Even the next door neighbor dog, who was a semi-starved rescue dog and will eat anything only mouthed it a little and then went over and cleaned out my spoiled dogs food bowls.

Any suggestions?

Best Wishes, Rob
Sep 2, 2011
Raymond, ME
Freeze dried in bulk thoughts:

Ever notice how each package has a little pack labeled "Do Not Eat?" Its an oxygen absorber. Also each package is sealed to prevent absorption of moisture.

Bulk foods in plastic containers have no moisture control nor ways to prevent oxidation. Ever see your rice get moldy at home or bugs in your cereal?

I would not want to subject expensive freeze dried food to that risk. Now as to dehydrated food (different animal than freeze dried). I have dehydrated veggies and dumped them into zip loc bags and into the freezer till trip time. No vacuum sealing..I have had good luck. I am very careful with meat. After dehydrating I vacuum seal it into meal size pouches. I have tried bulk and the mold that builds during even a ten day trip is gross. Thats why I went back to little quantities.

Hawk Vittles are dehydrated foods. Very good though I am not a fan of his egg dishes..I dislike breakfast food all mooshed together. He does not use much salt ( which is a refreshing change from the stroke inducing sodium content of MH)so carry a bit of that if you like your food salted.

That said there are survival sites that sell freeze dried in bulk but if the cost is getting you down (understandably) try dehydrating meat and veggies and wander the center aisle of your supermarket. There are some good ethnic dishes there that just require a protein to be added.

I m a fan of Hawks Breakfast Grits and Bison Stew and Sierra Sphaghetti.
Aug 1, 2011
North Creek NY
Good catch YC, Hawk Vittles are dehydrated, not freeze dried. I store mine in the freezer.

HV Moroccan stew and Cowboy lasagna are winners too.