Small squirt bottles



I have a week or so before a trip and with no pressing shop projects I’m having way too much fun going over gear with a fine tooth comb. There’s always some surprise.

The clean up bag of Bronners, Bleach and CampSuds mysteriously turned into a two B, one leaky C bag while in storage. The cap of the CampSuds bottle had somehow cracked. Thankfully those are stored inside a thick Zip lock, but the clean up was a sudsy mess.

I like those little 3 or 4 ounce plastic bottles with the flip up squirt nozzle for dispensing small amounts of detergent or sanitizer. But I’ve had leakage (or evaporation) problems in the past, especially with the small squirt bottle of bleach. As the last replacement for the beach container I used what I had on hand, a small pocket-sized hand sanitizer bottle.

The bleach has been in there for at least a year now. No leaks, no evap. I haven’t used much bleach in the past year (a few drops will do) and it’s still full.

I like it. That little hand sanitizer bottle seems constructed of especially thick, tough, well sealed plastic. Perfect for dispensing small amounts of liquid and staying tightly sealed in storage. I wonder if they would work for hot sauce, honey or other liquids where leakage is a PITA?

I’ll be the guy fondling the hand sanitizer bottles in the toiletries isle.