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Show us pictures of your canoe vehicle with boat(s)

All ready to go, but it will only carry one canoe. She is lifted with a full aero skid plate. And for winter travel it can be outfitted with studded tyres. I know this thread is canoes and cars, but I could not afford to get my canoe up there. Truly insane car!
Why not! Its all relative! Not great on gas, and mantance is costly,for sure. Probably need a laywer on retainer as well. But cool.
Never really thought about high end transport, to the degree of classic vettes, mg's, and jaguars. But if you gotta get on the water, ther might be no better way.
The salesperson explained it would be easier to sell this car under a canoe, than to sell my canoe on top of it? In some circles I might agree?
Love the bronco, real nice look.


The perfect racing canoe car. Less than $370,000 USD. The roof bar option is only $1,400 USD. If anyone wants to buy it online, I'm only 50 miles away from the dealer and could pick up the car for you, and eventually deliver it.

Let's see pictures of your canoe vehicle, current or former or both, with a boat on it or near it -- canoe, kayak, raft, I don't care. If you have a camper, we'd like to see it, too, and hear about it's details.
Prospector 13 on roof-1.jpg
This our new Swift Prospector 13 solo on our Subaru Crosstrek. This is the first time I've had the canoe out since I picked it up over at Tupper Lake a couple weeks ago. Thought I'd take advantage of a warm April day to test it out.

First impressions are not always worth paying attention to but here are mine: It isn't fast off the line like my Firebird and doesn't cruise along like the Kestrel, but it wasn't flustered by the wind and held a fairly good line. It's not a flat spinner but could do a decent axle or post turn without having it heeled much at all. I think it'll turn nicely heeled over a bit; I'm waiting until the water warms up before I test that out.

I think this little "Prospector" is going to be a good canoe for how it'll mostly get used: day trips exploring small streams and marshes but with enough stability and predictability to get you back to the put-in if the wind picks up.

By the way, we really enjoy the Crosstrek. It's a good car for Vermont, especially when outfitted with good snow tires.
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I like the pink flagging on the bar ends. You could stick tennis balls on the ends for head bumper protection!
Complete with new invisible tie down lines too, cool.
I planned to take a photo when I parked, but forgot before I removed the tie down straps on my way to doing my very first paddle with that boat. I didn't think anyone would care, even if noticed.
I like the pink flagging on the bar ends. You could stick tennis balls on the ends for head bumper protection!
Since I am a SAR volunteer, i have lots of flagging tape rolls to use up, not so much with tennis balls.
Looking closer, I think I have this same rack on the 4R. Old school Thule euro bars and newer foot packs with the rubber coated steel strap? They sure are easy to install, but my god do they howl on the 4R.