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Send Rochester School to Algonquin



I hate to post this here, but times are getting desperate. The outdoor club of the World of Inquiry School (an Expeditionary Learning School) has been trying to raise money to take 36 students to Camp Pathfinder in Algonquin.


As of now they are a little under halfway to their goal of raising $2500 through donations. I know the timing is poor but they are trying to reach this goal by the 20th, and is when they plan on leaving for the trip.

If you do have anything you wish to give to help fund this project, please visit the fund me website below - any little bit counts:


I did not coordinate this trip and I would have maybe done things a little different in terms of timing, but it is what it is...

I hope this doesn't offend anyone but it truly is for a good cause. Most of these kids have never done anything like this and have maybe been in a canoe or kayak once on another expedition.

Thanks in advance,