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Puddle Jumper videos

Mar 4, 2017
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West-central Alberta
So my search for Omer Stringer films continues to lead me to some dead ends and onto some really interesting tangents.
Puddle Jumper is a paddler from Saskatchewan who has posted a number of canoe tripping videos on YouTube. He has a good sense of humour and does a great job of videoing from interesting angles and of making me feel like I'm out there, too. It's fun to follow him on maps and on satellite images.

I enjoyed watching part of one of his videos this morning. It was just Okay for me, would have liked him more if he didn’t wear his cap backwards and would learn how to release fish carefully, if you are catch & release fishing, try to insure that the fish has a good chance of survival.
It is well photographed and edited. I didn't come across a lot of humor in Pt. 1 but he has a moderately severe case of the potty-mouth. (Thanks for using the bleeper during the editing process.) Thank you for posting!
Puddle Jumper is great content! Im a little biased seeing he is a fellow Saskatchewanean and we paddle the same waters, but he’s my favourite canoe YouTuber. Doesn’t preach, doesn’t dramatize and the cursing makes my kids laugh. I like that his trips are easy access and affordable but still pretty hardcore.
Hopefully he puts out some fresh shows soon!
Another Puddle Jumper fan here. Inventive route design, some tough traveling with less drama than many YouTubers. I will confess to having uttered a few impolite phrases myself when tangled in north Saskatchewan alders and old burn.