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Photo of the day

At it again.....


Gotta paddle daily to get a photo of the day, right?? Got out for a quick round before work this morning.


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Any Maine paddler encounter this?

DP Copper’s escape capsule? Alien fuel rod? Jimmy Hoffa’s headstone?


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Where did you see that? I know you said Maine but it is a big state.

Brandy Pond. Map 49 in the Maine Atlas Gazetteer by Delorme. Seen while finishing the Allagash Lake loop.

Look at satellite maps and you may see the shadow it casts.
Part of a collapsed/demoed smoke stack? It’s very thick.
Must be part of a turbine.
What's on the outside? Are those some kind of metallic plates or are they rubber?
Copper, with a fine patina. The inner is concrete. This must have part of a turbine for an area dam.

How in the world was this placed here? The upstream dams are storage dams other than Chesuncook’s Ripogenus Dam. Certainly a relic of past industrial times.