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Northern lights

It's been a phenomenal year here for the aurora borealis.......my neighbor is a very good photographer and caught this view over the Delta Clearwater River. The DelClearwater River.jpgta Clearwater is mostly ice free all winter as it emanates from a very large spring and flows all year at 39F.
We are back to normal spring weather around here, sun and cloud with intermittent showers, cool temps. While the daytime woods were colourful the night sky was disappointing. I checked the NOAA site and our local forecast. Tonight looks promising.


Thanks for the heads up. I'd love to see the aurora again.
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It was easily visible here in Northern Iowa last night. Of course, seeing as I live under a rock, I was unaware it was going to be a thing so I missed it. Lots of pretty pictures on Facebook though.

I was spoiled. Lived very near arctic circle in Sweden for a year. Glorious northern lights every night (and -40° flat line for all of January).
I was up and around after midnight so there was no excuse not to step outside for a look. Despite some whispy cirrus tickling the stars I saw no aurora borealis. The urban light pollution didn't help matters any. After a good long while a coydog came up out of the ravine and made its inspections all along the street. By the time 3 am rolled by I gave up my stake out and retired to bed. Better luck tonight maybe.
Friends here in N FL saw them last night! I went to bed before 10 and missed them. We’re gonna try and stay up for them tonight. Hope they’re visible again.