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Thanks Dave, I really enjoyed that. Thanks for the added link YC, I passed it on. That's a beautiful film, with an alt-music/art film feel to it; I like it.
Besides the clear and gruelling challenge of this trip, another reoccurring thread ran through it. That was, a schedule to keep. I guess they had a plane to catch at their destination, and so had to keep to this schedule, I don't know. Otherwise, it would've been a more enjoyable challenge perhaps. Where I'm going with this is...
Many years ago I went on a cycle trip with my younger brother. We only had a final destination, and pedalled with only the suggestion of a route and itinerary. We had no ETA whatsoever. The physical experience of self propelled freedom was much like canoe tripping; although independent of schedules and plans. The real mind blowing moments were wrapped up in the full frontal freedom of having absolutely no limitations on our time or commitment. I've never felt that since, and can only imagine trying to duplicate it someday. My wife and I don't travel much, but when we do we try to "make it up as we go". Eventually though, the freedom road runs out. Maybe I should just bite off a few days of "consequence free" feeling at a time, and leave real free spirited travel to those with a bigger appetite than mine.
How and where do others taste freedom, and in what measure?
Sep 2, 2011
Raymond, ME
Retire? The problem is in some areas you have to get permits. So you feel constrained by days on the permit. And of course if you are flying and have no communication with the pilot you have a constraint.

Next year will just be an ambling paddling trip in a permitless area. I think in this day and age even canoetripping in many areas calls for keeping a schedule because there are permits involved. IMO that can absolutely kill you.

I would way prefer a yearly pass to a Provincial Park or Crown Lands. We did get a yearly pass to camp in the back country in Pukaskwa National Park.. Why not other areas say in Ontario?


Retire? Yeah, I've heard it's all one party, party, party. By the time it comes around to me, I'll be too tired to party like it's 2025, 26,27...
Seriously though, I guess freedom, as in "getting away from it all", is really as much a mental escape as a physical one.
I don't know about the permit problem. Season passes would be a great way to free up time on trips. I don't know how that would work, or what it would look like.
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