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New Wind/Sun/Winter Insulated chair



http://s1285.photobucket.com/user/CooperMcCrea/slideshow/New Chair

My omnipresent wind/sun/winter insulated chair has, after nearly 10 years of field and shop repairs, pretty much bit the dust. I could fix it again (and still may), but it has been sewn, re-riveted and duct taped so many times it may not be worth the effort.

The replacement – A Tru-Value FS Mesh armchair

Yeah, its 11 lbs, but I don’t plan to portage it. I probably don’t want to know how that chair can be manufactured and shipped half way across the globe for $15.

First thing, open the seat back frame tubing to accept the high back extension (the seat fabric from a trashed camp chair, pop riveted to two old Eureka tent poles) for wind block/shade protection.

The winter-use Ridgerest insulating pad from the old chair fits perfectly, no need to make another.

Only mad dogs and Englishmen sit out in the noonday sun. One old big box golf umbrella with the handle removed resolves the mid-day shade issues. I added a piece of Tygon tubing to the umbrella shaft so that it fits snuggly in the chair’s oversized ¾” ID frame (and it’ll be more hand comfy for rainy runs to the thunderbox or etc in camp).

Even with the tighter fitting Tygon tubing I don’t want to be chasing the umbrella down some windy sandbar when a gust grabs it, so for extra security I added the same pad eye and bungie ball arrangement that holds the high back extension in place.

Lastly, the weak point on those ubiquitous folding camp chairs is the pop rivet fastener at the front X crosspiece. I have field repaired those on various chairs using bent nails and canoe seat-hanger hardware, and have shop retrofitted that load-bearing pivot point with ¼” nuts and bolts.

The heavyweight ¾” ID tubing on the chair frame is handily oversized for a fastener retrofit. I drilled out the stupidly weak 3/16” pop rivet at the weight and stress bearing front X crosspiece and installed a ¼” bolt and nylock.

If that sucker stress bends I’ll either lose some weight, try to remember not to lever myself out of the chair using the armrests, or use an even larger and stronger bolt. Probably the latter.

I just need to bolt on the 12V MagicFingers massage unit and solar recharger and it’ll be the chair to end all chairs.




The mesh on the bottom begs to be cut out. Just plop the chair over a pail and voila instant biffy.

In the interest of full confession I have experience with, well, a picture is worth a thousand words:


Cholera challenge studies back in the 70’s as a human research volunteer. Only a very small percentage of the population can accurately grade human stool from 1 to 5 (rice water).

And once again Kim has lured me into scatological conversation.