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my day off from work.

Jul 25, 2012
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Thanks for the video! Enjoyed watching your corrections with your paddle and then Whoops! look at that great whacking bolder we just missed! Kind of like life; you can only see how bad it could have been in retrospect.
Having never had the chance or the courage to try something like rapids you've given me a chance to in a small way to experience it, thanks!

Now, are you oldrockenpoler from solotripping? If so, I've missed all your great photos of your camping at that cabin and your gastronomic extravaganzas!
So very glad you've resurfaced; wait: maybe that's not the expression to use with someone who goes down such frisky rapids!

Best Wishes, Rob


i guess this is solo canoeing since everybody else is in kayaks. this video is above freight train it starts with a bang. hay moldie...sshhhh. http://youtu.be/Vp_m9lrf4aM
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