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Lake Taghkanic gathering May 18? (Ancram, NY)

Apr 25, 2022
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Ghent, NY
Folks in the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas (NY Capital Region, western CT, western MA): would you be interested in getting together at Lake Taghkanic on May 18—similar to the gathering that @coldfeet, @Tsuga8, and @Curlymoe held last autumn?

I’m thinking that May 18 would be ideal so that we’ll (hopefully) have warm weather, but beat the crowds (and parking fees) that’ll come after Memorial Day. As for the location, Lake Taghkanic sounds like it was pleasant for the folks who went in fall and seems likely to be a reasonable drive for a lot of folks in the regions mentioned above.

If there’s interest—say, at least two other folks besides me—I’ll share some additional resources, a tentative schedule, and a sign-up sheet (not looking to make this gathering anything too formal, just thinking those things might help folks coordinate travel and food plans). As folks did in the fall, I think it could be nice to do a potluck; I’ll bring some kind of food or drink (not yet sure what) and a portable grill to share.

Please reply if you’d like to see this happen!
Full disclosure - I have a family member having surgery earlier that week. I confirmed today that they might, or might not, need my help as late as Sat. So unfortunately I'll be noncommittal til the last on this, much as I'd like to join.
I might be able to make this, is it just a day paddle?

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As promised, I have created a document with a tentative schedule and additional resources for those who may be interested in coming to the gathering; it is attached to this post. I also have created a sign-up sheet to help folks coordinate plans; since that is a document that folks can edit, I will send it via PM to folks who reply to this thread to indicate their interest in attending.

If you have questions or comments about these documents or how you feel the day should look, let me know (either in this thread or via PM). Hope to see many of you there!


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Wish I could join that weekend but I can't. I'm a member of another outdoor group and going to New Hampshire where I might just rent a canoe since we are camping in Tamworth at Chocorua KOA. Now your wondering why I'm going to a KOA camping and what group? (or maybe your not, haha) Well I bit the bullet and bought a small travel trailer so the Mrs. can be more comfortable. Ain't I nice. I bought a Casita travel trailer and joined the fiberglassrv troops. Plan is to begin seeing our wonderful country. Now let's see how comfortable I am driving and pulling this thing. I am set up with roof racks and will bring the canoe on certain trips. But not my maiden voyage, one thing at a time. Have fun at Taghkanic.
Iam tring to sign up but can't get Google docs to come up. Any way looking forward to this and the weather seems good.
Glad to hear it, @Ripple, and hope to catch you another time, @Tsuga8!

Unfortunately, I’ve been feeling unwell all day today; I’m hoping it’s just allergies, but that’s seeming increasingly unlikely 🙁 I’ll see how I’m feeling (and send an update) in the morning, but I may not be able to make the gathering myself! If that’s the case, I hope that any of you who do go have a lovely time and tell us all about it!
Update: trying a stronger antihistamine seems to have taken care of my symptoms, so happily, I will see you all there! I’m behind schedule by enough that I won’t make the suggested arrival time of 10:30, but I will be there by lunchtime, and I’ll be bringing a small package of brats and a bag of chips.
How about a small report as to what you guys did after so many posts about the planning. Any pictures?
How about a small report as to what you guys did after so many posts about the planning. Any pictures?
No pictures, unfortunately. @Ripple arrived well before me and circumnavigated the lake; we had a nice chat when I showed up, and he eventually hit the road and I went for a paddle of my own. The weather was mild and the park uncrowded—a perfect day to be on the water!