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Lake Taughkanic mini NY gathering

Oct 6, 2014
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Long Island NY
A few of us got together yesterday, Tsuga8, Curlymoe and me for a short paddle in the Hudson Valley area.
The normal rainy weekends were stopping us but luckily we had a few hours of dry weather.
After picking up our $10 state fee paddle permits we launched ahead and took a lazy slow paddle around the lake looking at the rental cabins, canvas tents, 1930’s buildings that the Civilian Conservation Corps built. A heron was spotted walking around on land and we just floated around watching it.
There was a sign of the fall foliage around the lake, very pretty.

When we got back to the beach we tried others boats. Placid Rapidfire, Northstar Phoenix and Hemlock Peregrine.

A little after that it was time for some snacks.
We started with some delicious crunchy Hudson Valley apples, then some toasted Long Island bagels and the main course was a few cheese bratwurst. Yummy.

It was lots of fun talking and listening to many stories. We hope to continue to have future mini gatherings here to demo boats, paddles and just relax.

Didn’t take too many pictures here are a few. I missed the bratwurst cooking sadly.


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Glad the trip finally came off notwithstanding the uncooperative weather. Folks have so many boats I lose track. Who had which canoes?
Glad to hear that the weather cooperated and you all had a nice time!

I'd have liked to be there if I'd been in town—if there are future gatherings at Lake Taghkanic, count me in!