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Image and Character Limits

Jul 6, 2021
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The Hereford Zone along the Mason-Dixon Line
Mike, can you log in with Chrome and Firefox now and can you see your "Guest" posts?

You seem to have gotten 12 pictures in your part 2 post (which is a "message" in XF lingo). I believe the max is 20 pictures per message. I can increase the 10,000 characters per message if it regularly affects you.


I moved this from Trip Reports to Features, Help and etc where it may be more relevant.

Yes, yes and yes; I can now log on using Chrome or Firefox and can see my old “Guest” posts.

I don’t know about the photo limit per message; the photos in the trip report are links to a Flickr album, not sure if the limit includes photo links or photos embedded in the text.

The 10,000 character limit was perplexing. When I initially tried to post the trip report I got the 10,000 character limit message. I cut the document down to 9000-ish character (by Word’s “review” count) and still received the too many characters message.

My guess (?) is that the Word review “character count” does not include the symbols and gibberish in a Flickr photo link.

The character limit does not bother me, it just requires a review count down to the 8000-ish? number. Long trip reports may need to be posted as Day 1, Day 2, Day 3.

When cutting and pasting Glenn’s question into a Word document to type a response the usual
did not appear, nor was the cut and pasted quote highlighted as before. There will be some learning curve for everyone.

One other odd note; the spacing between paragraphs, single spaced when I type, leaves a large paragraph break when the cut & pasted message appears. I expect that is some function of my Word document settings.

Carry on. Time to go scrub a new/used boat.

EDIT: Newly noted, if you use brackets, as one appeared around the word quote, it will do weird things as shown above; I had put brackets around the word "stuff".
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I have set the image and attachment limits to 30 per message (a message is a post in old lingo). I have increased the character limit per message from 10,000 to 15,000.

When cutting and pasting Glenn’s question into a Word document to type a response

Mike, I have no idea what you mean by cutting and pasting into a Word document and using brackets. To select quote or multi-quote me, Adam and/or Eve, you might read the Features: Help and How-To Running Thread tip I have written about select quoting and multi-quoting. Perhaps you can use these fast, simple procedures to quote members in your messages, and then use your Word juju (for whatever reason you do it) to supply the intervening text.

Glad to hear your login and viewing problems have been solved.