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I'm learning to sew.....

Spray covers- consider a polyester fabric like HyperD 300 from ripstopbytheroll. Polyester is much more stable under different humidities compared to nylon so it stretches/shrinks less

I have a Singer 20u for most of my sewing. First thing I did was swap out the standard clutch motor with a DC motor with electronic control. Safer, more controllable, quieter and saves money as the motor isn’t spinning all the time.

To make sewing over thick seams easier make or buy a “hump jumper” a small shim that can be slid under the machine foot to help sew up and over the seam. Helps avoid skipped stitches.

seam basting tape from Sailrite is a great help. Make sure you get the tape designed for canvas if you’re sewing rough fabrics like corduroy, pack cloth or cotton. For shiney nylon get the other one. This tape doesn’t work on silicon coated fabric that is the best stuff for tents and tarps.
Salty, the Sailrites are copies as are many (most) of the industrial machines out there. There's not a lot new under the sun in sewing machines anymore aside from computerized controls. I know folks that can quote chapter and verse as to what machines are copies or which other machines *wholly or in parts) but I get a headache over it all so I decided to stick to mainstream industrial machines.

I have a smaller 1950s Necchi on an industrial style table but my workhorses are a Consew 226R flat bed machine and a Consew 227 cylinder bed machine. Both are triple feed (feed dogs, needle feed and walking foot. Presser foot lift is 7/16" or a wee bit more and they will sew just about anything you can stuff under there.

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Here's my latest project:

It'll likely be a whil before I do anything big swing-wise as I recently went back to my more youthful years and after decades away from the EMS world I'm back in school to regain my EMT certification and also joined the local fire department so that's taking another 2-3 nights a week for another 5 months.

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Thanks Lance, nice set ups. Portability was important, i used the machine on my sailboat.