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Homemade cocoa mix for tripping

Nov 30, 2017
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3 parts palm sugar
2 parts cocoa
3 parts heavy cream powder

I used Ghirardelli cocoa. The heavy cream powder comes from Hoosier Hill Farms via Amazon.

The point was to increase the calories of my standard no caffeine breakfast drink. At home, I use a lean coconut creamer, but wanted to up the calories for a canoe trip.

In theory (I don't measure exactly), cocoa mix for a 12 ounce serving would be about
heavy cream: 120 calories
cocoa: 40 calories
palm sugar: 45 calories
Total: 205 calories
Add 12 ounces of boiling water

The heavy cream poswer has a slighly "powdered milk" flavor that some may not like. I don't mind it because it adds to the calories and tastes richer than other cocoas.

The palm sugar is low glycemic index and I have noticed after using it daily for the past couple of months that the morning drink keeps energy up longer and without the sugar high.

It could be that when compared serving size to serving size, Swiss Miss at 120 per 6 ounce serving, which would be 240 calories, so maybe this was not such a great calorie boost after all.

At any rate, this is what is going up on my trip to Marshall-Kapp.
Jul 11, 2014
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Ontario Canada
Thanks for this Erica. My UK roots connect me to roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, tea, trifle, fruit cake, uisge and custard, griddle scones... and of course cocoa.
The frustrating thing about cocoa prep is the hydrophobic tendency of that powder. My wife prefers the shortcut of hot chocolate powders, but no matter how much they promise sugar reduced dark choco flavours they never can match the cocoa flavour required for late night camping under the stars (for me). Never seen heavy cream powder so I'll look for that. I'm not a purist in any way, shape, or form, so whatever mix and concoction I can beg, borrow, or steal will definitely find it's way into my camp menu. Thanks Erica.
I find a tipple of single malt works for the second cocoa under the stars just before bedtime.