Hello from Colonial Heights south of Richmond, Virginia



My name is Krag. I'm a 30 year old land surveyor currently in Colonial Heights, Virginia. Recent events in my life have inspired me to change my source of stress relief and enjoyment. I wanted something that would help me get back into athletic shape, would be low cost to maintain and not in my usual environment. It just shook down to canoeing. I chose the Old Town Discovery 119 in red. My experience with canoeing is limited to an attempt one summer when I was 15 years old and a year or two later surfing a rented kayak in Nags Head, NC. I learned 2 things from those experiences... 1, don't solo paddle an aluminum canoe from the rear seat while a tropical storm in approaching your state. and 2, try really hard not to surf into people on the beach...they don't like that. My goal is to first become decent at canoeing and possibly into canoe tripping/camping.


My family had bought a camper that had a porch and cover built over it in Whippernock Marina Camp Grounds in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. We owned it for a few years and would take 2 and 3 day vacations throughout the year. It was a short run that started from the cove bank between the docks at Whippernock Marina. I made it about halfway out and started weather veining into other boats. There were many angry people with new dings in their boats. One of which was my uncle Kevin...you know, he never let me borrow that canoe again. Trip distance was probably about 50 feet before my brother waded into the water and helped me back to the bank. Thinking back on it, I now laugh about as hard as my younger brother did back then.
Nov 19, 2013
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central NYS - 10 miles from the Baseball Hall of F
Hello Krag - Welcome to the forum. I pass by your exit on the beltway around Richmond each spring as we head off to the Okefenokee NWR on spring break. I usually pass that way around 1 AM so if you're ever on the beltway and see a couple of college vans, that would be us!

That's all for now. Take care and until next time...Be well.