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First time builder Ashes Solo Trip

Cabin fever here waiting for winter to end. I’ve had my canoe hanging from the ceiling since I finished it. I hadn’t weighed it since varnish, so took it down and weighed it. 37.7 lbs. Ice out in April feels like a long time away.


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Everything around here is still froze up, so decided to take a short drive north for my canoes maiden voyage. Boundary Dam Reservoir by Estevan, Saskatchewan stays ice free year round, as a power plant uses water from the reservoir, and then pumps warm water back into the reservoir.

Well, I can report that my boat floats, and I really like it!IMG_4926.jpegIMG_4928.jpegIMG_4932.jpeg
First time build is always a head trip!!
Get ready when bystanders start asking questions
Beautiful job, and it looks good on that Bronco
Sooooo, is there gonna be a sequel?