First paddle of the season yesterday

Jun 12, 2012
Appleton, Maine
It was in the mid 50's by 11 am yesterday with a strong sping sun, so I loaded my 15' Chum on the truck and headed for the small lake down the road. Being retired and gas what it is, I don't pass this way much and was surpried to see the folks still ice fihing on my planned paddleing location...

I had to settle for a small stream behind the town garage just off a 4 lane divided highway...yikes, warm days not only bring out the canoes, the Harleys where out in force up there on the highway. It was nice to be out and in the warm sun, but next time I'll wait for some open water in a more quiet location.


Glad you made the best of it. No hard water down here, but it sure has been chilly. Really looking forward to some nicer weather.