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Finally Back Online



Hi everyone,

It's good to see the website doing so well. When Robin took over the site again, it was well timed. Shortly after, I was asked to take on more responsibility within my home church and several other civil war events were added to my schedule for our ministry to attend. My down time was very precious for awhile and the forum would have definitely suffered even more than it was with all the attacks. Things are slowing down a bit and I am getting online more often. I am also planning a canoe trip within the next few weeks. I will enjoy catching up with you all and the posts I have missed.

Jun 12, 2012
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Appleton, Maine
Hi Brian,
Good to see ya back on and planning a trip. The site has been running pretty well, some small hick ups but nothing too bad. Might hit 400 members this week.


Thanks guys. Robin you've obviously been doing a great job managing the forum. I like the new look of the site and the new photos. 400 members… Wow! Keep up the good work.

Dave, it is been unseasonably wet in this area and most of the rivers are running very well if not a little high. My plan is to do a several day trip on the Withlacoochee River. Believe it or not, we have two rivers within Florida with this same name. The one in the north of the state empties into the Suwanee River and the one in Central Florida originates in Green Swamp and flows north where it finally empties into the Gulf of Mexico, 180 miles later, near a little settlement called Yankee Town. This is the river I will be tripping. My ultimate goal is to start in the Green Swamp and paddle to the Gulf. It's not a long trip mileage wise, but the last time my wife and I paddled through the swamp it took us four days to finally make our way into the river. It's also one of the few rivers here in Florida where you have to portage your canoe. You have to make your way around the dam structure which is part of the failed cross Florida barge canal project. I have done many sections of this river but never the entire length. I grew up playing and paddling in this river and it holds a special place in my heart. I'm still juggling my calendar to determine exactly how much time I will have for this trip. I received a go Pro camera from my wife for Christmas. I plan on using it to document my trip and hope I can figure out all the logistics required to video a trip for multiple days. The weather here has been beautiful the last few days and there should still be a few of the bull gators calling out for mates by the time I get on the water. Their sound to me is magical and mesmerizing. I believe this will be an amazing and well needed trip.