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Cooking Fish

Use a grilling basket. The one that came with our rotisserie machine weighs less than a pound. But I’d go with something heavier, and maybe you’d want one with a handle, which adds a pound or more. With a larger and heavier basket, you could use the basket for a fire grate when cooking other things, so eliminate the weight of the fire grill/grate you have been packing.

I worked on the commercial fishing fleet in Seattle at Fishermen's Terminal in Seattle while attending the U of Washington back in the 1970s. The majority of the people working there were Norwegian. They ate Dungeness crab, salmon and halibut for a living. They ate a few other things like lutefisk and pickled herring but little if any beef, chicken or pork. That was something new to me. I had friends that took me to the Swedish American Club. Great times in those days.
I have mentioned before I travel solo so I have no worry of what the rest may think as I am alone. As long as my dog Jake is ok with it, we are good.

I seldom fry my fish and never grill it. Like scratchypants mentioned several posts ago, I boil my fish. Walleye boil well, and Jake loves the fish water 😉.

But I boil not just because I like it. Not carrying oil or batter, no fish smells that carry far, and ease of clean up are my main reasons. Often Jake and I day trip when base camped. We hike and explore neighboring lakes. It is easy to portage some fishing gear, canoe, coffee and a pot for a shore lunch fish boil. We both enjoy it and this activity is a big part of why we explore the back country.
Well a curry, chowder, or soup would eliminate the oil. When I cook fish in a pan, is seat the flesh side with very minor oil, a Tbs butter or other fat, flip after 2-4 minutes depending on thickness, and finish on the skin side about the same or less. Not much oil. Then make a sauce in the pan, mm mm good!

I made this the other night:

Served on grits with roasted asparagus.