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Coffee cups, insulated or not.

I have a mug like the red one on Aslowhand’s post, it came in a Swedish Army surplus M-40 stainless steel mess kit. I believe the cups are called kuksa kasa, ideally shaped of durable plastic, to warm cold hands, being pear shaped and well rounded to fit between cupped hands. Modern ones are made by Wildo in Sweden in many colors not just Army green.
Also have a couple of really old what I thought were called Cascade Cups, sturdy stainless steel manufactured just like a Sierra Cup but with a straighter side so that the bottom is nearly the same size as the top. I think it is the same as Conk’s Rocky Cup and quite possibly is a a Rocky Cup. Like all really good stuff is no longer made. I haven’t seen them since I was last in Minnesota. They reside inside a GSI stainless Glacier pot in a box with other camp kit equipment, behind my friend Jeff’s couch awaiting my next Boundary Waters trip.
My current favorite cups are my daily at home, on the road or in camp MiiR double walled stainless steel, green or blue with white speckled enameled painted insulated cups. They come with a sipping lid to keep kamikaze mosquitoes from adding protein to the brew. Other favorite cups are the Finnish Kupilka cup or hand carved from birch burl Kuksa.
Almost forgot to mention another current gem, that was a gift, a ten ounce Hydro Flask stainless steel insulated wine tumbler, is great for sipping hot black tea. Easy to pack along on a day trip, as it takes up hardly any space, fits over the top of my small thermos both ride comfortably in a Duluth Pack Fanny belt pack with sandwich & snacks.
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I have one lightweight insulated mug that I use from camping to coffee shops to home use. It doesn’t have the insulating properties quite like a yeti, but long enough for me to enjoy my tea or coffee. It’s also nice to feel the warmth through it on those cooler days/nights sitting around a campfire. It doesn’t fit in many cup holders, and the stock lids have never worked for me, but I found another brand that creates a better seal. So for me, lightweight insulated
I have a Yeti insulated mug.

I like the mug - I got it through work. I would never buy this myself, since there is a good chance I will leave it on the roof of my truck as I drive off. Just launched a $16 container of cashews off the roof last week. Only cold drinks in this.

I simply cannot stomach the taste of those coffee-T bag things. I suspect bilgewater would be preferable, so it's hot chocolate for me. For that I have an aluminum mug with the wire handles which I enjoy holding for the warmth, but at times can fry your lip like a Hot Pocket. The price we pay.....
Have the MEC double walled steel mugs, which has been my go to for a long time. Thinking of swapping to my Yeti 20 oz as I like to laze a bit and enjoy the camp first thing in the morning.
At home I use an old ceramic mug from the late 1970's. It's a face with a large moustache and has a stubby pipe sticking out of the mouth. Other than being beardless, it was supposed to resemble me which is why I was given it. The handle has long since broken off but I still use it every morning and will probably do so until I pass from this mortal coil.

When traveling in a vehicle I now use a 20 oz. Yeti mug. For years I pooh-poohed them but once I had the opportunity to try one out, I was convinced it was worth the money. I use it more for ice water when driving but will have the occasional mug of coffee as well.

Now, when on a trip, I still use a plastic travel mug with a lid. Years ago I attached all my lids to their respective mug with a small piece of Paracord so I would never lose the lid. On summer trips I still use an old non-insulated mug, while an insulated one accompanies during the winter months.

That's all for now. Take care and until next time....be well.