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Coffee grinders and brewers for both home and camp?

We use a MSR Mugmate when electric is not available. It works fine for tea too but you really have to have a second one for a different beverage as cross contamination is not pleasant. I have several around the house and RV and one of course in the paddle shed. The downside is it is too narrow for wide cups.

Hubby tried to cheat on grounds by making me a cuppa after him but he added some new grounds(1/2 batch)and left the old grounds in. He knows better now.
I like that term! I love my dingle string..But I have never had the nerve to carry a cuppa in the other hand.. Quickie Q. How do you mount and dismount the canoe with a cup of coffee?
very carefully.. No seriously my travel mug closes tight and I can just lay it in the bilge. as far as the name, I believe it's a really old term, my dad used it and claimed he learned it from old timers in Northern Ontario
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