Clipper Solitude

Jan 1, 2014
Lower Saranac Lake, Adirondacks
I think they're the same Jensen designed boat, with shear cut down and thwart lengths tweaked. It was/is an early recreational Swede-form hull with a loose stern. Mike Galt used to tell about a gal at a clinic who asked him to paddle her boat - she couldn't make it track. Turns out Mike couldn't either. A few weeks later he was on the other side of the state and paid a courtesy call on Gene. They were in the fenced backyard when Mike noticed a Solitude with a surfboard skeg bonded to the keel line near its stern. When he asked, Jensen revealed he couldn't get the thing to track without it!

I fondly remember my first Ice Breaker on the Saranac River in mid 90s. I'd been told there was white water,[NOT!], so I showed with a WildFire. A flock of Solitudes screamed past on the downstream, but I caught them all coming back upstream. Supposedly a 1/2 mph faster, that deadwood in the deep bows kept them from crossing eddy lines against the current.