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Chestnut Canoe in FLA

Jun 12, 2012
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Appleton, Maine
Anyone from the sunny state of Florida looking to get into the world of wood canvas canoes, this guy posted this over at WCHA.org.:

A long shot..... A 16ft Chestnut canoe turned up as a gift to the
Crystal River Boat Builders..

It's 16 ft long, with SN 16-52200 on the stern inside stem.

Any info ? Thanks!

Any interest in purchase (typical restoration condition...)? thanks!

Bill Whalen
Hernando FL


Thanks for posting this Robin. CRBB's are a great group of people. I just attended the Crystal River Boat Bash a few weeks ago. Usually I bring the 16', 1860's replica rowboat I made to display for the public. I was having an issue this year with the trailer. My fellow band mates and I decided to go anyway and had the honor of performing a few nautical tunes for the attendees. The BB's recently finished a 38' replica of the Civil War sailing scow the 'Wartappo'. No power tools were used in its construction. They have a FB page under their name where the a pic of the canoe is posted. I have been considering a canvas canoe lately. In the past I have considered them too fragile for the southern swamps and sloughs I frequent. After much research, I am now not so sure of that. HMMMM...I might have to take a trip up to see this canoe. My wife will not be impressed if I bring home another boat.