Canoeist reamins in hospital after capsize on Red River

Jul 25, 2012
Thanks Red, I wonder where that wave came from? The report is a little thin on specifics, when I hear of something like this I try to get any lesson that might be there. I guess that from this accident it's just remember: how thin the interface is between "everything is peachy-keen" to "Oh no! God save us!"

On a happier note; it was fun to reading other articles from the local paper. North or South, it seems that people are pretty much the same; a lot of humdrum and a little bit of scallywagging going on. Thanks!

Best Wishes,

Aug 22, 2013
Red Lake, Ontario
Lol, cbc is not the local paper really. It is the national public news source. But yes. I remember loading up at the pipeline in Winnipeg and drivers from ND would bring up the papers to read while getting loaded and yes, we are similar in many many ways. Nice to focus on how we are all the same rather than griping about the differences like is prone to happen.