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Bucket Seat for Canoe

Dec 9, 2014
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Penacook, NH on a back road
I'm guessing due to the supply and demand issues as of late I am having trouble finding a bucket seat I want to put in my Rob Roy. The butt pad that is currently in it is a hair to low and I'd like to upgrade. If any of you out there that have a spare laying around I'd be willing to take it off your hands and we can talk about price and shipping. Many thanks!

Sep 4, 2019
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Doug, have you tried Western Canoe and Kayak - https://westerncanoekayak.com/plastic-tractor-seat/. They sell Clipper Canoe seats for $35 CAN (probably around $25 US). I bought 3 from them last year, and can spare a very lightly used one for the cost of shipping from Ontario if you don’t have luck with them online. Let me know how it goes.
Jul 6, 2021
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The Hereford Zone along the Mason-Dixon Line
Failing the purchase of a manufactured kayak pan seat, maybe retrofit a plastic school-classroom style desk chair? Drill off the plastic seat pan, cut the backrest down to below sheerline height, or lower with a back band, and mount that on a minicel slab.

Probably dumpster-bound free, and if you don’t like it after some test sits, try again with what you learned on the first try. Maybe something like this, leaving hinged platform with DIY cup holders. Gotta have cup holders.


Another, more DIY alternative solution, might be to carve a slab, or stack of taller laminated slabs, of minicel, a la:


I recommend shaping the butt cheek depressions first. Drop your drawers, plant your naked ass cheeks on the minicel and trace your buttocks with a Sharpie. Slowly, incrementally carving and test sitting the cheek depressions with a piece of Dragon Skin. Carve a bit, test sit, carve a bit.

No sense putting your pants back on. Please make a tutorial video.

Then, again slowly and incrementally, carve the hull-conforming bottom shape. Pants optional.

Those stacked minicel slabs may lose an inch of butt cheek height, and an inch of base height, so something like a 6 inch tall slab of minicel might get you a seat raised 4 inches.

I know from past oopsies on a couple boats that the butt cheek seat “pan”, with a low seat height, needs to be tilted back an inch or so to be thigh comfortable.